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I'm a new arrival here so I thought an introduction might be in order.

I'm Icy Sedgwick, the host of the Fabulous Folklore podcast.⠀
Episodes cover mythology, folklore, old superstitions, plant lore, strange legends, and weird history like alchemy and psychogeography... All in around 15 minutes!

I'm also working on a PhD looking at haunted houses in contemporary Hollywood cinema AND I write dark fantasy and Gothic horror!

So tell me a little about you!

Thought a more festive avatar was in order! Hand-knitted Santa hat by myself.

Marie Curie's notebooks, which are radioactive and must be stored in a lead-lined box in the Bibliothèque Nationale. Curie’s corpse is also radioactive. Her coffin is lined in an inch of lead. Both will remain radioactive for 1,500+ years.

More info:

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December 5
Historically in Cummnor, Berkshire anyone who paid tithes could claim to be entertained at the vicarage on Christmas Day in the afternoon with their share of 4 bushels of malt brewed into ale & beer, 2 bushels of wheat made into bread, & 1/2 a hundred weight of cheese. I imagine it was a tricky day for the vicar’s household and they couldn’t wait for Boxing Day for a rest and possible leftover cheese.
#Folklore #FoodFolklore #Foodways #FestiveFoodFolklore #FestiveFolklore @folklore

Beside being part of the Swedish Christmas celebrations Julbocken was also a mystical creature in the folklore. The goat was connected with the Devil. These stories might hail from priests, trying to stop the use of Julbocken.
On legends tell of the Christmas goat as a straw doll which were decorated with colorful ribbons and then placed in the barn. One evening a girl goes there to dance with the goat. Instead she meets the Devil, who tears her to pieces. #adventfolktale #folklore #advent

Something quite serious now.

For the past 2 years on the birdsite, I've enjoyed being part of Sarah Millican's #JoinIn - there for anyone on their own over the festive season who would like to join in a group chat to help pass the day.

We've had some great times, and I'm planning to support it here too this year.

If you're lonely, just post #JoinIn so we can spot you, or search for the #JoinIn hashtag, and just join in!

Good idea? Give it a BOOST!

The Folklore of Ivy: Christmas, Divinations, and Magic in a seasonally correct podcast episode from the very knowledgeable @IcySedgwick
#FolkLore #magic #magick #paganism #xmas #yule #ivy

Who doesn't love a moody black and white image of a moody looking lake? This is Wast Water in the English Lake District on a cloudy afternoon. The color version just didn't work, but I was pleased with this. If you want it on your wall, it is here! #BuyIntoArt #LakeDistrict #blackandwhite #FediGiftShop

The woods are looking very autumnal for so late in November

Large railway tunnels run under the town of Bridgnorth. They are said to be haunted by several spirits, including that of a construction worker who died whilst building them. He still wanders the tunnels with an oil lamp, trying to find his way out.

During ww2, the tunnels were guarded by the home guard. A young soldier witnessed a spirit emerging from the darkness, dragging one foot behind the other. Terrified, he raised his gun and shouted out and the spirit disappeared.

#Folklore #Ghosts

(At Hadrian's Wall)

Roman soldier: Centurion, there's a problem

Centurion: What is it?

Roman soldier: It's these painted guys keep showing up, they draw a cock on the wall and run back off north

Centurion: Urgh, unsolicited Pict dicks

This lovely little trooper has popped up in my wildflower patch, despite the fact it's almost December!

Red sky in morning, shepherd's warning!

This is an omen that bad weather is on the way - and it's rooted in science.

A red sunrise can suggest there is a lot of water in the atmosphere. So I won't be surprised if it rains later!

This is the grave of Shropshire's last Sin Eater- Richard Munslow. I'm fascinated by the Sin Eater's place in folklore - a person who exists outside of the boundaries of the community, yet necessary for its spiritual safety. You can read about shropshires last Sin Eater by following the link below


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