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I will never make a better post than this my first post because it is a link to over 200 outstanding movies that you can watch for free on YouTube. I have seen them all!

"Mr Whitty privately warned a meeting of officials that the then untreatable virus could kill as many as 820,000 people in the UK in a 'reasonable worst-case scenario'.

Mr Hancock says that when he shared this information with the Cabinet soon afterwards, the reaction was 'somewhat shrug shrug'."

While we're on the subject of antisemitism, I was amazed to find out that as recently as ***1990*** the nearby Kansas City Country Club refused to admit local business giant Henry Block because he was Jewish. Only Tom Watson's resignation got Block entry.

This is so close that I don't even have an opinion (photo from Daily Mail):

I have got some serious issues with Spotify Wrapped. How did Sleepy Shores get to number two? And I've been outed for listening to Zamfir. Where do I go to get my life and my reputation back?

Russia was preparing to attack Japan in the summer of 2021, months before President Vladimir Putin launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine


#Russia #Japan #RussiaIsATerroristState

I don't know who needs to hear this, but an economy controlled by a handful of oligarchs isn't a "free market."

Bob Dylan and Burt Bacharach used the same piano player on many of their 1960s classics -- Let us sing the praises of the late Paul Griffin:

We have decided to create an account at Mastodon. We need time to learn how this platform works but also how to synchronize our work here with the Twitter account.

Thank you all for joining us here. No matter where we are, the mission stays the same. We are in social media to commemorate the victims of Auschwitz and educate the world about the tragic story of the camp.

Elon has reinstated three key comedy and parody accounts: Kathy Griffin, the Babylon Bee, and Jordan Peterson.

So the Republican plan is simply to prove that Biden asked his troubled son polite questions about his work and shook hands with some of his troubled son's friends and that will be the basis for impeachment. That's all it really is and journalists need to keep pointing that reality out from day one.

A global social media powerhouse with only oneself left on it is every solipsist's dream. Eventually, he'll even get rid of the little birdie.

If the stock of any company run by Musk is still worth anything at all then that proves that Thanksgiving miracles do happen. Maybe a Hallmark special is in order.

I went to a real fairy-tale wedding yesterday. Three of the bridesmaids were eaten by a dragon.

When a little blue bird dies alone on the fringes of infinite cyberspace, does it make a sound?

I am no longer on Twitter. So help me out navigating this new path. What I will say is I hope this new medium will help bring our country together because I feel all that twitter has done especially under the evil new master is to divide us. We can disagree folks. But let's respect and care about each other.

Elon to Trump: "I see your four-dimensional chess and raise you some five-dimensional bullshit."

I don't believe that Musk will just let Twitter die altogether and lose all that money. That seems to be a whole new level of stupid and a man who was able to convince the world that he had a physics degree when he didn't must have at least a little bit of brains.

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