📞"I am disgusted with what Elon Musk has done to Twitter!"

🎙️"I thought you'd be in your element, Colin!"

📞"But now when I post something offensive that I haven't thought through, it's just a load of people agreeing with me!"

Colin from Portsmouth begs Elon to leave Twitter

If you enjoy our work please help us make more by buying us a coffee! Love to the family

@ExplodingHeads Gonna get a Christmas sweatshirt soon. HTH. : )

@ExplodingHeads what’s wrong with bread in the fridge? Ithought that was normal? Don’t forget to add # to your posts so people can find you

@ExplodingHeads 'that's a shame we've had some lovely chats' 🤣🤣🤣 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻


Wonderful. These just keep getting better and better. SamBaps69 no doubt now trending on Twitter 😆

Love to the family x

@dshlapak @ExplodingHeads Like a Colorado drag queen using her high heel to stomp on the head of a murderous bigot

Right! Now I've seen this on Mastodon, I'll go and retweet it!
Love to the family!

@ExplodingHeads Colin! You made it over! Love to your Mastodon family!

@ExplodingHeads Absolutely brilliant as usual guys! Made the mistake of watching it on the bus, I might look a bit mental, laughing to myself 😂

@ExplodingHeads I mean this is one of the reasons the alt-networks don't take off...brilliant as usual guys...

@ExplodingHeads I think I know Colin from Portsmouth.
Anyway love to the family. 😆

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