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@filmcritic Don't let them privatize the NHS. As an American living under a vicious and sadistic for-profit health care system, I implore you to do whatever it takes to keep what you have. General strike, sit-ins, protests, whatever. Once your health care is gone, you'll never get it back. They bankrupt us and let us die in the streets over here in the US. It's a nightmare.

We agree with Staffordshire Wildlife Trust - the REUL Bill must be withdrawn!

We are urging the government to withdraw the Retained EU Law (REUL) Bill – we have no objection to a sensible, consultative process that examines, updates and improves environmental laws, but that is not what this bill offers.

Will you ?


The reality of Brexit is biting hard. Poor people are suffering most – and now everyone can see it.

We are paying £6bn more just to eat. After years of abstract debate, the human consequences of our exit become clearer by the day.

The Guardian, 2 December 2022

Our politics is incapable of dealing with the failure of Brexit. Despite last ditch attempts by Brexiters to redefine 'success', the public view has settled that Brexit has failed. But our politics can't yet cope.

Professor Chris Grey, 2 December 2022

UK Government plans continue to threaten our wildlife & our future in Staffordshire. Without nature there will be no food & no security. Why when a thriving natural environment is the answer to so many challenges we face? European Movement Staffordshire supports the Staffordshire Wildlife Trust campaign to – will you?

Yes, I’ll staffs-wildlife.org.uk/defend-

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Tooting every day to remind everyone that we need to in the UK thousands of people struggle to get NHS dentists, thousands can't afford private dentists, dentists have been privatised via the back door, make sure you reboost,

Brexit has added an average of £210 to UK household food bills, study finds.

Brexit has cost UK households more than £5.8bn in higher food bills, according to new research linking Britain’s exit from the EU to soaring inflation.

Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics, 1 December 2022

Brexit Remains Biggest Headache in UK’s Recession-Prone Economy

Six years on from the UK’s decision to leave the European Union, Brexit is still proving the biggest headache for British businesses, ranking even higher than Russia’s war in Ukraine, Covid or rising energy costs.

Bloomberg, 28 November 2022

"I do not accept that Brexit is irreversible."
"The timescale may be unpredictable. The purpose is not. We must start by rebuilding bridges."
Lord Michael Heseltine, President of European Movement UK - 29/11/2022

Join the European Movement today and help turn things around.

Never has the UK been so alone.
It didn't need to be this way, even after Leave won the 2016 referendum by a small margin
We could have stayed in the Customs Union or the Single Market but the extreme Tory government decided to pull the UK out of every EU institution it possibly could.
EMStaffs, 27 November 2022

The long term damage to UK GDP of tearing up our EU trade deal is enormous - according to the Government's own figures.
New and prospective UK trade deals are swamped by the damage from walking away from our UK-EU trade deal.

Chancellor rubbishes his own advisers and denies Brexit ‘will make us poorer’

Asked about forecast 4% GDP slump, Jeremy Hunt says he doesn’t accept ’all’ OBR forecasts – adding ‘I accept all the ones I agree with’ :-o

The Independent, 25 November 2022

Farage and GB News have had another tantrum!
But the reality is this: as the impacts of Brexit become clearer and clearer, this is just the start. Brace yourselves for tantrum after tantrum. 

Meanwhile, European Movement is the only organisation which is working to expose and reverse the calamity of Brexit.


The reason the UK will have the lowest growth in the G7 next year is Brexit.

We're not going to reverse the decline until we begin to remove the barriers - economic, social, scientific - that we chose to erect with the rest of our continent. That's not rocket science.

Professor Brian Cox, Twitter, 26 June 2022

Looking for a handy list of disastrous Brexit consequences?

There are consequences when you promise the world through a few simple and stealthily hypnotic three-word slogans. Who’d have ever thought it?

James ‘oh’ Brexit and the law of unintended consequences!

Yorkshire Bylines, 23 November 2022

We are here as an
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