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Hello, time I made my .
I post about creative stuff, my day & & (the pros & cons) it's not neurodiminished. Surprising how many people in tech now have diagnosis.

I sometimes post funny stuff & & .

I believe in hope, in optimism, in learning from our mistakes, adapting, innovating, improving. I'm going to post about interesting advances, about beneficial things we can, or could do, at individual or large scale.

I like to do (...)

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ADHD just problems? Or also misunderstood solutions? 

1) Is a bad acronym harming diagnosis, acceptance, treatment, accommodation?
2) We're virtually blind as a society to what (& other too, but here I talk ) has to offer. It's not just problems.

I feel like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a poor name, a pejorative name, that actually gets things wrong in many cases & can discourage diagnosis, & labels as PROBLEM needs fixing!

@adhd @actuallyautistic

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Regarding UK voting &

I am sure the Tory focus will be very heavily on sabotage less so on 'winning':
voter disenfranchising (ID etc)
rigging boundaries
astroturfed apathy (all politicians are the same)
left sabotage (Labour=red tories)
center sabotage (Labour=Brexiteers)

It's vital we're ready & everyone for all of this, we have people but not the media & the money of the establishment.

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Hi all fellow . I'm loving the wellbeing upgrade of leaving the crazy birdcage for & the amazing communities that have built this wonderland.

I just wanted to say, our hosts & the communities here have been amazing at taking in so many of us in. Listening to all our confusion & questions, answering with & kindness.

I think our server hosts have in many cases been upgrading hardware to keep everything smooth with all the new influx.

💥 “The cost of all the cases that Good Law Project has ever brought against Government is but a tiny fraction of the public money wasted on buying £120 million of unusable gowns from PPE Medpro.”

Listen to @[email protected]’s full interview on @[email protected] from the weekend 👂 📻

Current Mood pt.VIII

Yes, found it. This remix of release = 100% headphones required, like a stereo tennis match across your brain.

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Current Mood pt.VII

Just the opening cords will take you back. Puddle of Mudd, a solid slice of Americana grunge rock pie. Bet you still have half the lyrics stored in a dusty box on a shelf somewhere in the back of your head.

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Current Mood pt.VI

Chumbawumba 2009.
We didn't realise how good we had it. The end of the Labour run.

NHS was best rated healthcare system in the world while almost the cheapest.

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Current mood pt.II

From 13yrs ago. When Britain was filled with optimism & hope.

Before UK's 12yr run of vote dumb, vote dumber, vote dumbest, vote mega-ton dumb, vote ulti-dumber, vote full-spectrum-cluster-dumb, vote face-poundingly-deathcult-dumbest, vote space & time bendingly dense dumb.

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I love love love the very first light in the morning. Today we picked out a nice stretch of the Marsyangdi River and waited for the light to come into the valley.

I didn't have an ultra-wide lens so I grabbed a pano with the 24mm instead.

This may be controversial to some folks, but this pano was shot at f/2. I do this a lot when shooting directly into the sun, to soften the flare.

#Nepal #Annapurnas #Himalayas #LumixS5 #Lumix #HappyPlaces #Panorama #Panostitch #Photography #Fotografie

For a long time, I hesitated to use the term #AI instead of #MachineLearning. Not anymore.

#ChatGPT is a turning point. But as often, seeing is believing, and it’s only after trying it myself that I realized how revolutionary this is. I suggest you do the same ASAP.

Some inspiration here:

And here, inception style:

I’ve been working on a tool called Good Badgers for several months, which is a web-based reminder system to help my family — which is three people with #adhd — remember to do the things we want and need to. It’s got shades of todo lists, but is more fluid, and rmeant to replicate a gently badgering parent saying “hey, you said you wanted to do this.”

It’s been useful for us, and I’m considering opening up to other #adhd and #audhd folks to see if it might be helpful. Anyone possibly interested?

So. This one time. I got my days wrong and ended up alone in a room with my boss and the President of Ireland while I was on ketamine.

Uk politics v. ranty 

I'm a voter of decades (hi UK, the reason we're so f**ked is because you haven't been listening, at all).

Under the abomination,
I have been voting tactically for decades, nearly always for , depends on constituency, but always to prevent the worst outcome, .

Under voting greens take 1 out of 5 minimum in nearly every constituency.

1 in 5. Under rigged establishment garbage FPTP greens get 1 out of 650

When I was at school, my local library, Birchwood Library, was open for 6 days a week. Being able to access the books there helped me to excel in my GCSE & A Levels which led to me getting into the University of York.
Birchwood Library is in a deprived area of Lincoln & has helped generations of young people. Its opening hours have reduced but it's still operating thankfully & acts as a community hub, with a café space.


Good Law Practice is looking for a senior solicitor specialising in charity, not-for-profit and community-owned businesses.

Apply here:

I have literally waited all my life for this moment.

My husband and I like to play dead in front of our dog to see who he comes to first because marriage is a competition.

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